Seminars at the "Wilder Mann” country hotel


Our seminar room has 38 qm² and is equipped with a hardwood flooring and two large windows reaching down to the floor. Direct access to the exterior with chairs.

During breaks, you can enjoy sweets like cake or chocolate bars or savoury snacks like pretzel sticks or small ham rolls.
In the seminar room, you will find a bowl with apples and drinks: mineral water (carbonated and still), apple juice, orange juice, Coke and Fanta.


Technical equipment

  • projector HMDI
  • screen
  • flipchart
  • whiteboard
  • facilitator case
  • Internet access at the lectern (WLAN)
  • multiple sockets at two desks
  • curtains
We can also put in fewer chairs, of course. The maximum capacity is 30 people at lectures.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for prices and flat rates!

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