About the "Wilder Mann"

The “Zum Wilden Mann” country inn has been owned by the Vogelbacher family since 1892, when Josef Vogelbacher bought the inn from Fidel Eisele, whose ancestors in 1764 had got the licence to run a pub in Obereggingen .



In the family’s third generation, Hannelore and Manfred Vogelbacher, took over the inn with the farm that belongs to it.

The first renovation took place in 1970 .

In 1976/77, a fully automatic two-alley skittle alley was installed and the small hall built.

In 1991, the fourth generation took over and the pub and kitchen got renovated. Other renovations, of the facade, guest rooms, WCs etc., followed later.

In 1999, the large winter garden was built and in

2011 a modern and lavish hotel annexe.